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Nursing Home Cleaning In Idaho

Providing a clean, safe environment for residents is your top priority. But an unforeseen disaster like flooding, fire, or other emergencies can devastate your facility and create hazards that must be addressed immediately. Our team can promptly respond and efficiently tackle water damage, fire and smoke damage, and so much more. Before you know it, we’ll get your nursing or assisted living facility back to being a safe place for your staff and residents.

Our Nursing Home Cleaning Services 

Water Damage Restoration 

Did your facility experience a ruptured pipe or heavy rains that lead to flooding? The initial damage can look devastating, but it’ll only worsen if you don’t act quickly. Water can get into vulnerable areas like behind walls, underflooring, and even reach the foundation. This can create structural issues and potentially lead to mold growth. Water must be extracted, and the property needs to be dried properly to avoid further damage.  Call our team for water damage restoration as soon as you see any signs of damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

Has your property been affected by a recent fire? Whether it was a small fire or a giant blaze, you’ll need the help of an experienced fire damage restoration specialist to recover from the damage. Our team can address all aspects of fire damage, including the smoke and soot odors it often leaves behind. We’ll even tackle any water damage left by the sprinkler system. Call us for fire and smoke damage restoration immediately. We’ll get your facility back to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

Mold Remediation

Seeing spots of mold growth in one or more areas of your nursing home or assisted living facility. Mold and mildew can promote an unhealthy living environment, especially for elderly residents. If not addressed right away, mold can spread to more parts of your facility. Before that can happen, call CTR for mold removal services. Our team will contain the mold, preventing it from reaching other surfaces and restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

Bio-Hazard & Infectious Cleanup

Keeping your facility clean isn’t easy, but it is necessary for your residents. Unsanitary living environments can contribute to an unhealthy situation for residents or patients. It’s imperative that your facility is safe for the most vulnerable residents. Whether your facility is past due for deep cleaning or a biohazard situation arises, you can rely on CTR for 24/7 emergency biohazard and infectious cleanup services

Move-In/Out Cleaning

Whether you’re saying hello to a new building or goodbye to an old one, you don’t need to trouble yourself with deep cleaning. You have more important matters to attend to; allow our team to take care of it. Our technicians will take the property through a cleaning checklist that addresses carpeting, ducts, vents, and insulation removal. Call us today so we can inspect your facility and discuss expectations. 

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Assisted Living Cleaning FAQs

How often should a nursing home be deep cleaned?

There is no set timetable for how often a nursing home should be deep cleaned. If it’s been a while since your facility received a proper cleaning, then you should contact our team right away for an appointment. Other situations like flooding or a biohazard incident must be addressed immediately as they contribute to an unsanitary environment. Our team will take care of cleaning and ensure your facility is safe for residents.

Will Restoration Disturb Residents or Staff?

Our team strives to provide services with minimal interruptions. As we work to clean, dry, sanitize, or restore your facility, our team will collaborate with yours to ensure your residents and staff feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.

What if there is an emergency?

Your emergency is our priority. Whether it’s midnight or midday, our phone lines are open and our team is ready to respond. Don’t hesitate to call us for small issues or large disasters—we can handle it all. Call our emergency response hotline at (208) 741-6388.

You Can Trust CTR for the Best Restoration Services in Idaho

No matter how devastating the damage is, our team can handle it without upending the daily routines of your residents. Our team is trained in responding to emergency situations like fires, floods, biohazards, and so much more. We understand how complex and frustrating this event can be. That’s why we offer 24/7 services to help your facility get back up and running as quickly and safely as possible. Get started with a free estimate by calling us at  (208) 741-6388 or reaching us online