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Wind and Storm Damage Services

Idaho sees its fair share of severe storms, which sometimes produce severe winds. High winds and flying debris like metal and branches can cause major property damage. If your home has been affected by a severe storm, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call CTR. Our emergency crew offers 24-hour services throughout Southern Idaho and surrounding areas.

Storm Damage Restoration Solutions

If your home has been impacted by a storm, don’t put your safety in jeopardy. Trying to repair storm damage yourself can actually end up doing more damage to you and your loved ones. Don’t risk getting injured. Call us instead. Regardless of what caused the damage, Cleanup & Total Restoration offers storm damage solutions across Southern Idaho.

    Our Storm Damage Restoration Process

    Unless you’re an expert roofer, plumber, electrician, or general contractor, there are issues you likely can’t repair on your own. Calling a professional restoration company eliminates the risk of injury when making necessary repairs. When you contact CTR, you can expect our straightforward restoration process:

    • A structural inspection of your home or business
    • A thorough assessment of any property damage
    • Determination of any necessary repairs
    • A thorough repair and restoration process
    storm damage cleanup in idaho

    Storm Damage Cleanup Services

    When a storm rolls in, you may find yourself feeling anxious and unsure of who to call if damage occurs. That’s where the professional experts at CTR come in. We handle all types of storm damage emergencies resulting from:

    Storm Damage in Idaho

    Between wind, rain, ice, and snow, it’s easy for your home to fall victim to storm damage. Common examples of storm damage we see include:

    4 Negative Effects of Water Damage in Your Home

    1. Structural Damage

    Your home’s structural integrity is what keeps you and your loved ones safe. Without it, the lives of your family, friends, and pets are inevitably put in danger. A few signs of structural damage include things like bulging walls, cracked floors, and gaps in your chimney and window casings.

    2. Devalued Property

    Once something has been affected by water, it’s almost impossible to hide it. If left untreated, water damage will devalue your home and drive away potential buyers or renters. Plus, the foul smell of water damage will almost certainly turn up the noses of prospective homeowners.

    3. Mold Growth

    Mold will start to grow in as little as 48 hours after water damage, which means time is of the essence. Black mold and other harmful bacteria love to grow in dark, damp environments. If your home has experienced water damage, contact Cleanup & Total Restoration for mold remediation services.

    4. Electrical Damage

    Any electrical boxes, outlets, and wiring that have been exposed to water should always be inspected by a professional. Otherwise, you could risk electrical shock or other injuries. Stay on the lookout for water damage around your furnace, washing machine, hot water tank, and electrical outlets.

    Spotting & Repairing Hidden Storm Damage

    Not all storm and wind damage are visible. While Treasure Valley homeowners spot issues like holes, cracks, flooding, and debris, other subtle problems can go unnoticed until they become much bigger issues down the road. At CTR, our expert team of professionals will thoroughly inspect your property for any hidden damage to complete the proper wind and storm damage repairs in a timely manner to keep your family safe.

    Why Idaho Residents Choose CTR For Storm Damage Restoration

    Since 1999, CTR has been repairing and restoring Idaho residents’ peace of mind. When people choose us, they’re choosing a full-service restoration company that goes the extra mile to bring comfort back to their lives. You can depend on us for our:

    • 60-Minute Response Time
    • Licensed and Experienced Technicians
    • 24-Hour Emergency Services
    • Free No-Obligation Estimates
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    Let Cleanup & Total Restoration Handle Your Storm Damage

    If you need help cleaning up and repairing your home or business after a storm, CTR is the storm and wind damage experts you can trust to remediate any problems. The steps we take will repair the damage caused by extreme weather and return your property back to its original state.

    With three Idaho locations in Boise, Caldwell, and Twin Falls, our expert team of professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means we can assist you at any given time if you find yourself in the aftermath of a disaster. Contact us by filling out our online form or call our 24/7 emergency response hotline at (208) 268-6293.