CTR mold remediation

3 Things You Should Know About Mold Removal

Let’s learn more about mold removal in Boise, including how it grows, where it grows, and what to expect during the remediation process.  How Does Mold Grow? Molds reproduce by the release of tiny spores. These spores are invisible to the naked eye, however, when stimulated by moisture, spores begin to flower, thus creating mold.…

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flooded living room

Water Damage 101: How To Find a Water Damage Company

Annually, $13 billion is spent on water damage and removal in the United States. 14,000 Americans will face a water damage emergency each day. Water damage is an even scarier concept for those with basements as 98% of basements will experience water damage in their lifetime. Chances are, a water damage emergency will happen when…

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house flood

Fire and Flood Restoration: How to Recover From Fire Damage

No-one wants to think about their homes or businesses destroyed by fire or flood. Unfortunately, it’s a reality for many people every year and those people are left wondering how they’ll restore their property. It’s always better to prepare for any eventuality, so knowing where to turn for fire and flood restoration will mean you…

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flood repair services

The Ultimate Guide to Flood Repair Services

Floods are among the most common natural disasters on Earth. They’re also one of the most destructive. And as a family, trying to recover from the trauma is no small task.  One of the most important things you can do to help your family get back on its feet is hire the right expert to…

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