mold remediation services in Idaho

Signs You Need a Mold Remediation Specialist in Idaho

Table of Contents How to Know When You Need Professional Mold Remediation ServicesWhen to Get Mold Remediation Signs of Mold Growth Causes of Mold GrowthCommon Indoor Molds and How to Identify ThemWhat is Mold Removal? What is Mold Remediation? The Difference Between Removal and RemediationMold Removal and Remediation Services in Southern Idaho How to Know When You Need Professional…

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water damage causes and signs

8 Questions About Water Damage in Idaho Answered

Table of Contents Common Signs of Water Damage in IdahoTypes of Water DamageWhat Are the Signs of Water Damage? What Causes Water Damage? Can I Prevent Water Damage?When Should I Contact a Professional Water Damage Company? Can I Experience Structural Problems From Water Damage? Can the Damage Be Restored? What Can I Expect During Water Damage Restoration? Get Expert Water Damage…

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water restoration service

Water Damage Checklist: Steps To Take After A Flood in Idaho

Table of Contents Water Damage Checklist for Idaho HomeownersSteps to Take After a Flood1. Identify the Source 2. Follow Safety Best Practices3. Alert the Insurance Company4. Document the Damage5. Call a Professional Water Restoration Company6. Identify MoldThe Water Damage Restoration Process/TimelineWhen Does Water Damage Start to Occur?Problems From Water DamageHow to Mitigate Water DamageWhy Trust CTR…

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Top Three Holiday Hazards (And How To Avoid Them) 

‘Tis the season for safety! In the coming weeks, millions of Americans will celebrate the holidays with lights, trees, and food. To help keep the “happy” in your happy holidays, we’ve listed the three most common winter hazards and the best tips on how to avoid them.   Table of Contents Christmas TreesCandles & Lighting FoodAvoid Holiday…

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Mold Specialist

5 Signs You Have a Water Leak in Idaho

Table of Contents What To After You Find A Water Leak1. Increased Utility Bills2. Discolored Ceiling3. Smelly Odors & Mold Spores4. Damaged Floors & Walls5. Reduced Water PressureWater Damage Restoration at CTR What To After You Find A Water Leak   When it comes to water leaks in your home, some signs are more obvious…

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fire and smoke damage restoration services

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

Picking up the pieces after a fire can seem impossible. In minutes, scorching flames can erase or severely damage everything in your residence—including your peace of mind.  If your home or business has suffered flame-induced misfortune, you may not know what to look for in a fire damage restoration specialist. To help keep you stress-free,…

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