Home & Office Insulation Removal Services

When your home or office’s insulation is in good condition, it can help you save on energy costs. But air leakage and insufficient insulation can have the opposite effect. To remedy the situation, the old insulation needs to be removed. Attempting to remove it yourself is not a good idea. Any miscalculation can damage another part of your home, and some insulation types can degrade over time, making them dangerous to remove. Whether you know your home’s insulation is not in good condition or need a professional’s opinion—call the Cleanup & Total Restoration team right away for insulation removal.

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    When You Need to Replace Insulation in Idaho

    Fire damage

    ​​Following Significant Water or Fire Damage

    Vent with mold growth

    Mold Growth or Signs of Mold Growth

    Rodent infestation signs



    Cost Factors for Insulation Removal

    When determining the cost for insulation removal in Southern Idaho, the main factors are the type of insulation and the size of the project. Some types of insulation are harder to remove than others. For example, batt insulation must be removed by hand, but blown-in insulation can be removed by vacuum. Find out how much insulation removal may cost you.

    Considerations and Dangers When Removing Insulation in Idaho

    When removing insulation, it is essential to mind other parts of the home. Insulation is often anchored to drywall and support studs, so improper removal can easily lead to damage. Our team takes every precaution and has the experience and knowledge necessary to do the job without harming your home.

    Safely Remove and Replace Your Home’s Insulation With a Trusted CTR Insulation Contractor

    Southern Idaho residents needing insulation removal should call our team right away. With multiple locations in the area, we arrive within an hour and get to work. Our insulation contractors have the knowledge and tools needed to restore the efficiency of your home or office.