Water Damage

When your home or business has been damaged by flooding, sewer backups, fire sprinkler, or water leaks, you need immediate water removal to stop the damage. Water can quickly ruin your flooring, walls, furniture, and extend to multiple floors. Even more concerning, if not resolved quickly, sitting water can turn into a mold or bacterial issue, which can put your health at risk. Our skilled crews are trained weekly to ensure updated safety precautionary procedures and a thorough knowledge of our equipment. CTR will complete the water damage restoration job from dry-down through the final punch list items of the reconstruction process.

Fire & Smoke Damage

CTR’s restoration services will help you recover from smoke & fire damage. Everything from small fires with light smoke damage to fire damage causing complete structure destruction, CTR will work closely with you and your insurance company to repair and restore your property. This includes 24/7 emergency response and board-up service, soot and smoke removal, smoke damage smell removal, corrosion control, complete cleaning, decontamination, ozoning, and deodorization services.

Mold Remediation

Mold and mildew can do more than just cause damage to your home or business structure. If left untreated, it can cause health issues, particularly among people with allergies or respiratory problems. These steps will repair the damage caused by mold and protect your health and safety by preventing future mold occurrences.

Our team of certified mold removal experts will ensure your residential home or commercial business is taken care of and restored to pre-loss condition. Our experts will inspect the structure, develop a mold remediation plan, clean the area with proper protocols, tests for safe air quality, and complete any reconstruction.

Wind & Storm Damage

High winds and flying debris can cause serious damage to your home and property. We will dispatch our highly-skilled staff and will use preventative measures to ensure no further damage occurs, secure the property, and begin the restoration and reconstruction process. Regardless of the type or amount of damage, CTR will repair and restore your home and property to its pre-loss state. We work closely with your insurance adjuster and agent every step of the way to mitigate the damage and get the job done as fast as possible and get your life back to normal.

Personal Property

If needed CTR provides complete and comprehensive inventory pack-out services. We will carefully and respectfully pack, move, restore and provide storage at one of our facilities. The pack-out process starts with a detailed inventory of the contents, including photo documentation and an identification system. CTR can assist with the restoration of artwork, documents, books, furniture, photographs, clothing, electronics, rugs and much more using ultrasonic cleaning technology. When your items are cleaned and property fully restored we will return your property in our pack-out process.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a serious problem but the cleanup must be handled in a compassionate manner. When you or someone you care about has more than just a filthy house, CTR hoarding cleanup services will help deal with the serious issue of hoarding by offering property clean up, trash clean up, odor removal, sanitation and disinfection, dog and cat urine removal and more. Our compassionate and experienced professionals at CTR will help clean and reclaim the safety and comfort of your home or the home of a family member.

Construction Services

CTR is a full-service general residential and commercial construction in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. We can not only repair your home after a disaster caused by fire, water or wind damage but we can also provide a full range of residential and commercial construction services.

Whether your home needs reconstruction after a disaster-related event or you just want to give your home a facelift, CTR construction services can make it a reality. As one of the few restoration contractors with the ability to build new residential or commercial structures, CTR has years of experience building a variety of homes and commercial buildings.

Environmental Restoration

Sewer back-ups, injuries, and other incidents that can cause unpleasant and sometimes unhealthy situations and can make your home or business environment hazardous and unsafe. We are trained and fully prepared with the latest cleaning equipment and techniques to make your home or business clean and safe.

CTR provides crime scene remediation and decontamination services in Idaho. We will handle the cleaning, disinfecting, disposal, sanitizing and deodorizing of your property and turn an unhealthy environment into a safe one.

Structural Cleaning

CTR’s highly trained and certified personnel will assess your damage and recommend the most cost-effective options to return your home or business to normal as quickly as possible. Restoring structures, furnishings, equipment, and other items subject to fire, smoke or water damage is usually less costly than replacing them.

We will use state of the art drying equipment to remove standing water from your property, clean and check the entire HVAC system, dehumidify to remove moisture and neutralize any odors to restore your property back to the way it was before.