Carpet Cleaning in Southern Idaho

Whether you’re having guests over, or your company sees clients daily—a clean carpet gives off the right first impression. While vacuuming routinely can help keep dirt and debris from mucking up your carpet, removing stains and odors usually require the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

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    Residential & Commercial Deep Carpet Cleaning Providers in Idaho

    Of all your home or office furnishings, the carpet sees the most traffic. Refresh your home or business’ carpet with CTR’s professional carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning doesn’t just improve the appearance of your property—it extends the life of your carpet as well.

    Cost Factors

    Professional carpet cleaning costs can vary depending on a variety of factors. We consider the factors below when determining your cost:

    • Type of carpet
    • Cleaning area size
    • Cleaning method
    • Pretreatments or stain removal

    Considerations Before Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

    Before contacting CTR for professional carpet cleaning, consider what kind of services you need. Is it a simple carpet cleaning? Or do your carpets need stain removal or pretreatment services? Other considerations include what type of damage your carpet has suffered, such as flood damage. No matter what your carpet looks like, we can help you determine which services will give you the best results. Contact us for an estimate to get started.

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    How It Works

    Using a combination of powerful cleaning solutions, scrubbing brushes, and vacuum suction, our team will have your carpet looking and smelling fresh again. CTR technicians mix the cleaning solution with water to target dirt and stains deep in your carpet. Then the brushes are used to help loosen dirt and stains so they can be sucked away by the vacuum.

    Our Tools

    From powerful stain-removing detergents to modern vacuum and carpet cleaners, the CTR team is equipped to handle various carpet and stain types. We can even remove hard-to-reach dirt, pet hair, and more using a carpet rake or remove odd odors and airborne particles using an air scrubber.

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    What to Expect

    The first thing our team does is provide you with a free estimate. This gives our team a general idea of how large an area we’ll be cleaning, what obstacles may be in the way, and how long the process may take. Once our team arrives for carpet cleaning, we’ll begin moving the agreed-upon pieces of furniture. We’ll also begin setting up our equipment. The actual cleaning time depends on the amount of rooms in your property. After cleaning comes the drying period. A dry cleaning allows you to walk on and move furniture back into place immediately after it’s finished. However, steam cleaning can take several hours—sometimes up to a full day before furniture can be moved back into place. Our team will walk you through these steps before starting so you’re always in the know.


    After our team leaves your carpet spotless, you’ll want to keep it that way for as long as possible. The easiest way to do that is to regularly clean and vacuum your carpet between deep cleaning. Not all stains can be avoided, but you can do yourself a favor by keeping dirt and debris off the surface of your carpet.

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