When disaster strikes, having the right information can make all the difference. Rest assured that you can make informed decisions faster when essential property information is on one secure, mobile program.

Getting setup in RAP(Ready Action Plan) does not take long. Here are 5 simple steps to get your property ready for RAP:

  1. Upload Your Floor Plans: This will form the foundation of your site. Upload your blueprints or floor plans into the system, then import critical data documentation and contact information related to your property.


  1. Site Analysis: In this step, you will survey your property to locate and identify your critical building systems. In real-time, you will document and tag this data into your digitized floor plans.


  1. Documentation of Pre-Loss Conditions: A key step many forget is to document the property thoroughly, so you have accurate and complete records of the condition of your property in its pre-loss condition.


  1. Training: Your RAP support team will walk you through the entire Ready Action Plan training module, step by step, until you feel comfortable with the intuitive, easy-to-use system.


  1. System Use & Support: Now you are ready to start taking advantage of all that the RAP system has to offer. Tracking building maintenance, documenting damage and repairs. Your RAP support team is ready to assist you in any way possible.


Contact us at CTR by calling (208)-377-1877 for questions about RAP!