Boise / Garden City Office

The morning after the flood I was clueless on who to call. The first company I called gave me a runaround. CTR was on my street called by another neighbor and they went out of their way to accommodate me and saved me thousands from untreated damage. They removed wet rugs and residual water and immediately started drying the space, helped with FEMA who I had insurance. If only FEMA was as prompt and helpful. In a time of chaos they were more
Lee Cantrell
16:18 15 May 19
Very fast response and excellent communication. CTR really saved my bacon! Would recommend to someone in need of their services.
D. C. O.
00:08 30 Apr 19
I am very impressed with CTR. Brian and Gabriel have been extremely easy to work with. I appreciate the professionalism, timely manner in getting the work completed and the documentation to me. They are men of their word; a rare quality in today's world. Thank you!!!read more
Debbie Pierce
21:06 05 Mar 19
A huge shout out to Kelly and Paul at CTR! These guys are top of the line when it comes to customer service and professionalism. After a not so great experience with another company, I reached out to CTR. In a matter of minutes I was contacted by Kelly, who immediately set up a plan to help with our water issue. He has walked me through every step and has been able to refer and lineup other dependable and professional contractors that were necessary to resolve the problem. Paul and a couple different helpers did the hands on work and were so great at keeping me informed with the progress and what needed to happen next. I would definitely refer CTR to anyone in need of this kind of service. They are top of the line and very dependable! Thank you to Kelly and crew at CTR!read more
Genie Burk
19:45 21 Feb 19
CTR was really fast at not only making the initial contact with me but they were at my home within 30 minutes! They have contacted me every day to update me on the status of my repair. Fantastic customer service! Very personable and professional. I will definitely recommend them to family and more
Donna Ford
04:35 21 Feb 19
Great service, Kelly and his crew has done a great job being there during a difficult time. Not only has the staff provided a professional service, but also they have followed up on all aspects during the repairs and more
Timothy Giltzow
21:09 22 Jan 19
CTR was fast, efficient and had excellent customer service. Hopefully I will not have another disaster- if I do, I will use CTR again!
Shannon Deane
00:03 22 Jan 19
CTR completed the initial drying out process in a timely and professional manner with great results. Then after being assigned a different company with disastrous results we contacted our insurance company USAA and requested a change which was granted. After CTR came on board the work was completed quickly and with skill. We would highly recommend CTR for any repairs needed .read more
SteveandSuzanne Disbrow
01:36 27 Sep 18
Professional and efficient work. They took the time to listen to my needs and explained the process. They worked with me on scheduling and did everything they could to get me back into my space. Very high quality work and attention to detail. Highly recommended!!!read more
Chris Seftick
18:05 02 Sep 18
CTR was available and was working on my flooded crawl space within 3 hours of my call. They made this terrible disaster disappear. The workers were very professional and worked for over 10 hours to get my crawl space from becoming an swimmingpool. They helped me navigate my insurance and were very straight forward with what needed to be done. I am so grateful for their quick more
andrea meyer
00:56 24 Aug 18
CTR responded in less than 24 hours after our call to our insurance company for snow/ice damage to our roof and patio. All damage was repaired in a timely, meticulous, and professional manner. We not only recommend CTR for repairs and restoration but will use them again if needed. We are extremely happy with the job they did!read more
Jaquelyn Burns
02:13 17 Aug 18
The first time we used CTR was Feb 1, 2015. We had a pipe break and the insurance sent them out. Jim and his crew were there in under an hour. They were fast, courteous, and kept us informed. When we had storm damage we told the insurance we wanted CTR back. Again Jim was on the phone and made an appointment for him to come out to see the damage. This time it was not an emergency. However, after doing the inspections and sending the information to the insurance and got the go ahead Things moved quickly and in no time the roof was done and the siding replaced. We highly recommend CTR for your emergencyread more
Dwaine Samson
19:00 28 Jul 18

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Twin Falls Office

The CTR Crew in Twin Falls were great! Graffiti/tagging on 4 areas of our property were quickly and efficiently removed from brick and cement walls, parking and alley areas. Great guys and would highly recommend!read more
White Mortuary
21:34 26 Jul 19
Gabriel and Jobi took great care of our storm water damaged carpet, from assessing the situation and fixing the drain outside which caused the flooding in the first place. They then got the inside carpet dried without having to tear it up and cane back and cleaned it too to get the wet smell out. Great job guys!!read more
bob bryant
19:54 04 Jun 19
Great service. Gabriel Clayton and Steve were great. They kept us informed through the process and answered any and all questions. Highly recommend
Tina Tudor
14:36 09 May 19
Amazing bunch of people! They tried their hardest to make a stressful situation unstressful. They always kept me up-to-date on when services were gonna get done and when their contractors would be here. Thank you CTR for all your hard work. Thank you Gabriel, Steve, Mike, Justin, Brian and crew. Sorry if I didn’t list your name. We have been more
Lynn Coy
20:16 29 Apr 19
Amazing bunch of people! They tried their hardest to make a stressful situation unstressful. They always kept me up-to-date on when services were gonna get done and when their contractors would be here. Thank you CTR for all your hard work. Thank you Gabriel, Steve, Mike, Justin, Brian and crew. Sorry if I didn’t list your name. We have been more
Lynn Coy
20:16 29 Apr 19
This is the second time I have had to hire these guys and I would hire them again.. I'll be leaving two reviews. this one is for the tearing apart, or as they call it the mitigation. these guys are great. in one day they had the ceiling tore out and insulation gone from issues I had from a leaky roof. Gabriel and Quill came in and jumped right on it.. there was a small mess when they left, and I let them know and they took care of it right away.. I will hire them back again if more
Lanny Denton
14:09 24 Apr 19
Gabriel came and checked out my house after an ice dam caused a leak. He was very professional and straightforward, which was refreshing. He came back everyday to ensure it was drying properly. Would highly recommend. Thanks Gabriel!read more
Tom Linton
22:59 20 Apr 19
Gabriel and clayton and Steve where the guys that came out and did a great job and were very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone
Marshall Hunter
15:26 12 Apr 19
Gabriel Clayton and Steve came here did a great job. Very professional and friendly. I recommend them to everyone.!
Statewidesandblasting Statewidesandblasting
15:28 10 Apr 19
Prompt service. Inspector here within 1 hour after receiving phone call from insurance company. Crew here within 2 hours later to begin work. Have no complaints so far. Waiting for insurance adjuster to finish his paper work to begin more
Max Kirkbride
04:34 08 Mar 19
Gabriel and Jesse were terrific! I'd recommend them anytime. They came quickly, they worked efficiently and courteously, the job was very high quality, they left no mess...I can't say enough good more
Ken Patterson
19:48 04 Mar 19
Gabriel and Jesse were terrific! I"d recommend them anytime.
Ken Patterson
19:12 01 Mar 19
Very professional. Timely communication and prompt service. We would definitely recommend CTR.
Julie Johnson
02:34 10 Dec 18
Great group of people, very courteous and were there checking on our basement that had a leak every day to make sure it was dried out.
Julie Bench
15:31 24 Oct 18
I would highly recommend this company! Their work is phenomenal, they were very professional, and communicated every step of the way. The project manager Brian and his entire team were also so kind in our situation with my husband being immobile. Steven & Mike went above & beyond after the job was complete. They moved an extremely heavy bed, along with other things after the project was completed. Thank You CTR for everything!!!!! Ron & Kathy Wheatread more
Maryann Halford
17:42 01 Oct 18
Excellent customer service!! They continued to work even after the job was seemingly done by following up with us to see if there was anything else that we felt needed to be fixed. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing restoration services!read more
Kaylie Neal Jones
19:34 03 Apr 18
Amazing bunch of people! They tried their hardest to make a stressful situation unstressful. They always kept me up-to-date on when services were gonna get done and when their contractors would be here. Thank you CTR for all your hard work and awesomeness!read more
Erin Remington
23:22 27 Mar 18
I have used CTR multiple times over the past few years for different problems. Brian the manager is always so very helpful throughout the process and takes the time to explain everything in a manner that makes me feel like I’m talking with a friend. Today Justin and Chris were under my house taking care of some water in the crawl space and did a great job! They were friendly and went about their job quickly. I keep Brian’s number handy as he’ll be my first call should I ever need the services CTR offers!read more
Matthew Searby
05:20 31 Jan 18

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Caldwell Office

Amazing job by the staff at CTR. Thank you again for repairing my hardwood floors when I had that pipe break.
Lisa Crane
20:49 11 Feb 19
Todd Tippett and his crew did a wonderful job for me . I would highly recommend this company to anyone....Mr. and Mrs. James Smith
Jim Smith
17:59 15 May 18

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Great work & employees are responsible and reliable. They did a great job!
Lucy Leichtle
Very professional. Timely communication and prompt service. We would definitely recommend CTR.
Julie Johnson
great people.. very friendly.. will work with you any way they can.. if you need some cleanup or restoration call them 🙂
Kendri Lengkeek
5 Star! We have used CTR on two flooded clean-ups and restoration projects in our home. The first one a couple years ago in our basement and the second in our master bathroom. The first thing we did after noticing the water is to call Jim Cronn at CTR and he emedialtly jumps into gear to stop the flooding. Jim and his crew are the best we have seen when it comes to the mitigation of our damaged walls, ceiling and floors. They remove the damage and start the drying process. Once CTR concludes our damaged areas are dry then they move into the next phase of replacing while working with your insurance company one on one. It’s a stream lined process and they know their craft. As for the crews that come in and out of your home I cannot say enough. They treat your home like it is theirs and they produce phenomenal work. They are Uber friendly and they respect all aspects of your home. They are very personable and you feel like they are more like family and not construction professionals. We highly recommend CTR over the competitors due to the professionalism and the years of expertise they bring to every more
Joel Green
our basement flooded today and I am so thankful for this company. they did nothing except make this situation better! thank you so very much ❤
Kari Ann Culver
Can't say enough good things about CTR! They responded to our flooded laundry room immediately and worked very efficiently. They kept the house tidy and their work organized, even helping us to understand how the process with insurance would work. To top it all off, one of their guys offered to stop by on the weekend on his way back from a fishing trip to check on the progress of our floors. Hope we never have to use them again but would absolutely recommend!read more
Cheyene Nickerson
These guys are detailed and compassionate! They helped Dickey's Barbecue Pit out after a small fire.
Skyler Jones
Great company with great people and always supporting our community.
Bill Maikranz
CTR is a top notch company. I would highly recommend them. Their staff is easy to work with and easy to get a hold of. I would fully recommend them!
Allan Jerman