Property Types We Service

Commercial Property

Coordinating restoration projects of commercial properties following a disaster is CTR’s strength.  Extensive experience in commercial restorations of office high-rise, industrial facilities, shopping centers, stores, churches, schools, hospitals, hospitality venues, and other properties has given us the experience to be the leader in the restoration industry.

Residential Property

If you home is damaged by fire, smoke, flood, wind, or any other disaster.  CTR understands how stressful it is for the homeowner when your home is damaged. That is why we feel it is important it is to the homeowner to fast-track the cleanup and reconstruction of your damaged home.  We will be there for you during the whole restoration process to answer any questions and give you a time frame that your home will be restored.


When it comes to handling emergencies at hotels, CTR can assure you that we understand time is money. Having a rapid response team, plenty of accessible equipment, safety, and turnkey processes to minimize downtime for you is our priority.

Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities

Every form of healthcare facilities requires quick and sensitive service. We understand that time, care and industry requirements for healthcare facilities is a whole different restoration situation and have had successes throughout our service area from facilities that trusts us day after day to handle their restoration emergencies.

Assisted Living/Nursing Homes

Coordinating the emergency and restoration projects at your assisted living facility requires care, compassion, and speed. We worked with assisted living facilities and understand that time and budget is always critical. We work carefully with your team to make sure minimal interruption and care is a priority. Rest assured that you can rely on CTR to help you put the pieces back together when it comes to property damages.


CTR understands the complexity of maintaining residential communities such as apartments, condominiums, and HOA’s. Our organization and resources are second to none because we can fast-track the reconstruction of your property and keep the price competitive.


CTR are experts in coordinating the emergency and restoration projects with schools and government entities.  We coordinate with key personnel to keep everyone in the loop. We also understand that time and budget is always critical and we make this a priority.