What is a code or by-law upgrade?

It is an upgrade that is made when your home’s pre-loss condition no longer meets legal building codes. Your insurance company may recognize code upgrades in the estimation process. Any questions regarding code upgrades should be directed to your insurance adjuster.

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Do I need a permit?

When required, your CTR Project Manager will take out the appropriate permit(s) on your behalf.Β  If applicable, permit fees are included in the estimate and may be covered by the insurance company.

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What about work that is not covered by insurance?

Any renovation project unrelated to your loss is considered non-insured work. At your request, CTR will provide a separate estimate for a non-insured renovation project, and we will require separate authorization and payment terms. If non-insured work will delay the completion of an insured portion, then the situation must be discussed with your Insurance Adjuster and the CTR Project Manager.

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What does pre-loss condition mean?

CTR is responsible for returning your home to how it was before the damage occurred, or its pre-loss condition. We use materials of like kind and quality. There may be some damage that existed prior to your loss. Therefore, these damages have not been included in the scope of repairs. At your request, CTR will provide you with an estimate for any additional renovation projects, also called non-insured work.

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How long will the reconstruction project take?

Because of the many variables involved, it is difficult to predict exactly how long the reconstruction project will take. Your project manager will be able to give you more info on the phases of your reconstruction project and an estimated completion date.

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