What if you find a dangerous situation in the house?

Our teams are highly trained to recognize any dangerous situations, from structural issues to mold and fecal matter and everything in between. After walking through the home, we will let the customer know if there are any dangerous situations and will discuss how it can best be handled.

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Do you remove animals from hoarding situations?

Animal hoarding is a reality of our business, and we understand that our customers have the best intentions for their pets. Depending on the severity of the situation, we will partner with local animal control, veterinarians, adoption agencies, shelters, and rescue teams to gain the healthiest and safest location for the animals. Please call with questions about your specific situation and know that all calls are confidential.

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Can you store items?

Many of our locations do have the ability to store items in our warehouses for an additional fee. If our location does not have internal storage, we have partners nationwide that can affordably store items. In all cases, our team will handle the logistics of getting the items to storage locations. However, long-term storage after a clean-out should only be used in special situations.

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Can you help donate items?

Yes, our team will help assist with the details of donated items. Once the customer selects a preferred donation organization, our team will sort and document all items and can take them to the donation center. We will take a detailed inventory, fill out the donation receipt and return it to the customer for tax purposes.

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What do you do with valuables found in the house?

Any valuables found in the home are the property of the customer. During a cleanup, finding valuables is an exciting event that we use to build confidence and momentum. Something of value (emotional or monetary) is brought to the customer immediately, and the story of the item is shared with the crew. Taking the time to acknowledge and hear these stories is an important part of the process.

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Does the customer get breaks during the cleanup?

Each job will be tailored to the customer’s ability to focus and make decisions. Whether that means we work half days or full days, we’ll monitor the customer’s well-being and encourage breaks as needed.

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How long does cleaning take?

Timing differs for each home depending upon volume, hazards and more. An average home takes between 3 and 5 days. Preparing for the cleanup can take weeks, but the actual cleanup is usually less than a week.

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