When is my property returned?

After the structural construction and repairs are complete, your property is returned to you using the same inventory procedures and documentation that was used during the pack-out process.

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Can you dry water damaged books & documents?

Yes, when fire or water damage occurs, time is of the essence in restoring books and documents. Depending on the temperature and humidity, within 48 to 72 hours fungal growth begins, and after five days damp or wet paper records begin to chemically break down. CTR utilizes two successful processes for document drying: air drying, a very labor intensive process that is most commonly used; and vacuum freezing, which uses “sublimation,” a process that turns a solid to a gas in one step. This method, although very efficient, can be costly and is used mainly in the restoration of irreplaceable documents.

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How do you clean my damaged items?

We use ultrasonic cleaning technology for most of the items that need to be cleaned.  It uses non-toxic ultrasonic cleaning bubbles which eradicate even microscopic grime in the tiniest crevices, outperforming conventional hand scrubbing with harsh chemicals which might damage items.

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How do you keep track of all my property?

We use state of the art software that will catalog, photograph, assess damage, and track each item that is removed from your property.  It will also keep track of the progress of each item whether it was able to be cleaned or was a total loss and then we can generate a report for the insurance agent.

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Will my items have to leave my property?

Depending on the situation your property contents may have to be removed from the property to keep it safe and for us to clean it if necessary.

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Do you do graffiti removal?

Yes, we can secured and repair your property and completely remove graffiti vandalism with no damage to your property. The CTR team has the tools and technology to clean and restore your property to its original state.

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Who pays for crime scene cleanup?

Crime scene cleanup is your responsibility as a victim or property owner. You can either pay for it out of pocket or file a claim through your insurance company.

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How long does crime scene cleanup take?

The duration of the crime scene cleanup is dependent on several factors. A minor or mild crime scene cleanup process can take between 4-10 hours depending on procedures and techniques used. Surprisingly, crime scene cleaning can take up to 48 hours particularly in more serious scenarios.   CTR has an incredible reputation for being fast, efficient and reliable. We accomplish this goal through our high-quality crime scene cleanup services.

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Should I try to clean it up myself?

No, you shouldn't.  Improper handling or disposal of biohazard materials is highly dangerous. Blood cleanup is always left to professionals for a reason. Doing it yourself can put your family, friends or relatives at risk of highly communicable blood-borne diseases like AIDS, MRSA, and Hepatitis.

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