Cleanup & Total Restoration is honored to donate and partner with the Boise Rescue Mission to apply disinfectants in the fight against COVID-19 at five of its facilities in the Treasure Valley.  The Boise Rescue Mission has been diligently and continuously cleaning its facilities to provide the safest environment possible for its residents and the other people that it serves on a daily basis in all of its facilities.  CTR is grateful to have the opportunity to add an additional level of applying disinfectants through state of the art electrostatic spraying technology with registered EPA disinfectants.

An electrostatic sprayer disperses the liquid chemical through an electromagnetic field that produces a charge to the chemicals causing them to seek out and adhere to objects and organisms.  The charged droplets repel each other not allowing overlapping or stacking of droplets that occur with other types of disinfectant applications such as fogging.

Cleanup & Total Restoration applied disinfectants with its electrostatic spraying technology at the Valley Woman and Children’s Shelter in Nampa late Monday morning.  The next facility that CTR will treat is the Lighthouse Rescue Mission in Nampa and then will work with the Boise Rescue Mission to apply disinfectants in three other facilities in the Treasure Valley.

In our 25 years in business, Cleanup & Total Restoration has had the singular focus of improving the indoor environmental quality of your business and home.  That includes the continuous fight against viral and bacterial outbreaks, mold, and other things that have a negative impact on your ability to enjoy the space in which you live and work.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about CTR and our electrostatic spraying technology, please call us at (208) 377-1877 or visit our website at


From all of us at CTR, thank you for allowing us to serve our community.