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Does Your Basement Have Water Damage?

If left undetected, basement leaks can cause serious and even irreversible damage to your property. While the first signs of trouble are often extremely subtle, checking for these indicators regularly can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Learn the top 5 signs of basement water damage with help from the experts at CTR Cleanup & Total Restoration to protect your home.

  1. Cracks [Read More]
2020-05-20T12:16:11-06:00May 20th, 2020|General|

How To Dry Out A Flooded House

The most important thing to consider before going into a house after a flood is safety.  If you have a significant amount of water in your basement, either call the power company and tell them to disconnect the service or ask an electrician to check to make sure it is safe.  Since furnaces and some water heaters are connected to the electrical system, [Read More]

2020-05-13T12:52:51-06:00May 13th, 2020|General|

Ready Action Plan – Get Your Property Ready In 5 Simple Steps

When disaster strikes, having the right information can make all the difference. Rest assured that you can make informed decisions faster when essential property information is on one secure, mobile program.

Getting setup in RAP(Ready Action Plan) does not take long. Here are 5 simple steps to get your property ready for RAP:

  1. Upload Your Floor Plans: This will form the foundation of [Read More]
2020-05-01T14:10:12-06:00May 1st, 2020|General|

Cleanup and Total Restoration Applies Disinfectants for the Boise Rescue Mission with State of the Art Technology

Cleanup & Total Restoration is honored to donate and partner with the Boise Rescue Mission to apply disinfectants in the fight against COVID-19 at five of its facilities in the Treasure Valley.  The Boise Rescue Mission has been diligently and continuously cleaning its facilities to provide the safest environment possible for its residents and the other people that it serves on a daily [Read More]

2020-04-23T14:06:25-06:00April 23rd, 2020|General, Community Events|


Cleanup and Total Restoration, an Idaho based company, provides professional environmental cleaning and mitigation services, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfection services.  We offer coronavirus sanitization services to Idaho (ID) and Eastern Oregon (OR). Including Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Middleton, Kuna, Mountain Home, Caldwell, Twin Falls, and their surrounding areas

The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has people scrambling to protect themselves, their homes and businesses [Read More]

2020-03-18T13:51:30-06:00March 18th, 2020|General|

CTR Celebrating 25 Years In Business Serving Idaho and Oregon

Twenty-five years, a quarter of a century – that’s a long time for an organization to endure and prosper.

We are proud to be celebrating 25 years in business and serving the great people of the state of Idaho and eastern Oregon. We started our family-owned and operated business in 1995. CTR Cleanup and Total Restoration has combined state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled customer service [Read More]

2020-03-10T17:55:05-06:00March 10th, 2020|General|


CTR had the pleasure to meet with Rachel Flachbart, Development Manager at CATCH this week. The world needs more hearts like Rachel’s. She exudes genuine compassion and eloquently illustrates the mission of CATCH.

“CATCH helps families with children get back on their feet. By providing housing first, then working with families to address their challenges, CATCH offers a new beginning which leads to self-sufficiency [Read More]

2020-02-21T10:28:39-07:00February 21st, 2020|Community Events|

CTR Cleanup & Total Restoration of Boise Partners with F45 Meridian South

Often, when we want to connect with someone we reach out to meet over coffee, lunch, drinks, or dinner. Everything seems to solely revolve around food & relationships are built across the table. Perhaps you’re attempting to diet and you invite someone out to get a drip coffee, a salad, smoothies, or my personal favorite, an acai bowl. Great! You’re watching what you’re [Read More]

2020-02-03T21:47:10-07:00February 3rd, 2020|Community Events|