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CTR did a stand up job!

"This was my fist time working with CTR, however, not my first time dealing with restoration companies. A little backstory - the first time we dealt with water damage in our home (due to pipe leak in 2013) we used a different restoration company that was recommended by our insurance company. It was full of delays, prices changes, illegal purchases, and unnecessary damages. That experience left us very distrusting of the entire industry. Fast-forward to 2017, when our roof leaked this past summer. We again filed an insurance claim. I was very clear who I didn't want to help with my house. And I was ready to sub-contract out the work myself as I did not want to deal with that headache again. However, the insurance officer talked me into at least getting a quote from a different restoration company before making up my mind. Boy, am I glad I did. CTR did a stand-up job. They came out that day. They were prepared with the necessary tools needed for water mitigation and began work immediately. When I had questions, they answered. When I needed to talk to the project manager he always either answered his phone when I called or got back to me within 20 mins. If I asked for an expense report, they gave it to me without reservation. If I wasn't okay with how something was going, they made it right without complaint. They were very clear about the timeline. When there were foreseeable delays, I was notified and kept apprised of the situation. They were also polite and professional. They respected my work and family schedule. If you want a professional job done right the first time with honest workers and good lines of communication, I would highly recommend CTR". - Sheri Giles, Mountain Home, Idaho 

Posted by cheri at 12/9/2017 6:08:00 PM
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