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Restoration Affiliate Member - South River Serving Others with Compassion!

CTR - Cleanup & Total Restoration is proudly a Restoration Affiliate Member. One of our RA affiliates is doing what we do best, serving others in time of need with thorough communication and compassion! Check out this shoutout to South River in Maryland. 


"Two days before Christmas Winn Mid-Atlantic experienced a 2-Alarm fire at Circle Terrace in Baltimore County.  There were two children that were rescued by the fire crews and 12 families in the building that were displaced.  It was an especially unfortunate time for a tragedy like this to occur.  This is where South River steps in… The team on the ground was remarkable.  The SRR crew worked diligently to clear the debris and they worked with officials to determine that certain units were safe to return temporarily and/or permanently.   Brent and team worked with the residents so that in “an orderly fashion” they could collect essentials and “Christmas gifts” for a monitored period of time. There was a resident with a newborn that the they provided additional help to move some of the essentials.  I have never witnessed such an organized fire event and Brent and Charlie went above and beyond to take care of the families (and even helped coordinate the delivery of gifts from local FDs  Communication is critical when disaster strikes and this is what this team excels at.  They did a great job at every waypoint communicating with those that were impacted and with our management team."


Thanks to South River for being a great partner and supporting our efforts to care for our residents as well as the assets that we manage for our clients!


Posted by ckay at 2/3/2017 7:31:00 PM
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